Empowering Local Businesses
With Modern Technology

Working Together
To Make A Meaningful Difference

Why Me?

Strategic Marketing Advisor

  • Accomplished consumer marketer with over 20 years of experience
  • Expert at developing impactful marketing strategies and implementing cost-effective, streamlined solutions
  • Grasps the holistic view of actual/planned activities; tailors insights and solutions that anticipate needs
  • Proponent for leveraging data and modern technology to power strategic objectives
  • Focused on end-results and successful outcomes
  • Passion for achieving excellence

Why SpotOn?

Proven Solutions to solve SMB pain points

  • Establish a strong digital presence in the community
  • Create and deepen business-to-consumer relationships
  • Improve and optimize cash flow and consumer revenue
  • End-to-end platform streamlines business and marketing operations
  • Easy access to, and control over, your rich consumer data
  • Real-time, intuitive reporting and analytics
  • Built-in, automated customer engagement functionality with robust reporting
  • Allocate time towards strategic business planning

Why Us?

Our Core
Values & Beliefs

  • Be the easiest part of your day
  • Driven to exceed expectations
  • Celebrate innovation & collaboration
  • Go about business the right way
  • Stay simple and straightforward
  • Remain flexible
  • Nurture relationships

Your Business is Our Business

Powerful Suite of Software

  • Consumer Marketing: enable personalized email and facebook campaigns, connect and engage with customers and the community
  • Online Review Management: easily manage reviews across all sites in a single dashboard; drives new consumer revenue
  • Loyalty: proprietary Rewards Program for your customers, drive frequency of visits and dollars spent
  • Appointments: efficient appointment-booking for consumers & management tool for owners
  • Website Design: custom website; optimized to be found in Google search
  • Virtual Terminal: process credit card payments, send invoices & more - from anywhere
  • SpotOn Reserve: book more reservations, serve more guests and increase profits (all while delivering a VIP experience)
  • Online Ordering & Dine-In Ordering: reduce costs, increase sales and grow revenue
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics: real-time insights on sales and customer behavior, critical to drive strategic decisions
  • Payroll: streamline payroll processing & get free W2s

Deepening Customer Relationships
Streamlining Operations
Optimizing Revenue

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Working Together to Make a Meaningful Difference