Hello everyone!

I hope that you have treated yourself as well as you deserve this week.

Only my 2nd blog, and I’m already straying from the content calendar.   

Mental health is playing a role in this wicked war and taking a toll on our society.  I’m concerned about you.  My desire to make a meaningful difference surpasses professional boundaries.  So, it is with compassion, I’m drawn to send a message of HOPE.

I hope that you are hanging in there, keeping a sound and positive mindset.  Remaining healthy, strong and motivated, being courageous, and finding reasons to smile. 

More than anything in this world, my hope is that you, individually, have not lost hope in the darkness.

We’ve experienced such a sudden loss of life as we knew it, ordered into isolation, without any warning and with so much discomfort and uncertainty.  Affecting literally everything!  Our freedom.  What we enjoy doing, where we enjoy going, and who we enjoy being with.  Concerns over business and job loss, financial instability, anxiety and depression.  So much fear instilled within us. 

Life feels so fragile.  More people are struggling mightily, feeling hopeless.   It can be so easy to lose hope when overcome with fear, anxieties and uncertainties.

We need to all be taking active care of our mental health, more so right now than ever.  In order to fight our best fight.  So that our state of being is healthy enough to create positive circumstances in our lives.

Check in on one another.  Make sure we are prioritizing our mindsets, engaging in activities that provide us with a sense of achievement, and maintaining connections with one another. 

It’s understandable to feel helpless, confused, trapped, worried, scared and overwhelmed – at times.   

For many, stressors are manageable: nutrition, exercise, medication, meditation.  Psychologically, in healthy condition.  The brain is functioning properly and productively.  You’re able to cope.

For some, though, these factors will lead them down a path towards darkness.  So deep into the darkness that there is no light to be seen.  Traumatic events such as these create a very difficult situation for many, and finding a way out seems impossible.   You’re unable to cope.

These are all factors which increase the risk of suicide. 

My heart literally breaks into a zillion pieces at this thought.   Such tragic reactions to life’s stressful situations.    To not be able to see a way out.   Just as tragic – it’s preventable.

If you know someone who is struggling, please do all you can to help.  Realize that each of us handle life’s ups and downs differently.  Needing help is not a sign of weakness.  Offering help is being humankind.  Seeking help will require being stronger and braver than you’ve ever needed to be.

If even a fleeting thought of taking your life has crossed your mind, please … look around.  There is hope all around you.  Realize that you are not thinking clearly.  What is occurring is not a reflection of who you are, as a person.  Rather, it’s simply (yet oh-so-complicated) brain chemistry.   

Acknowledge and persist through the pain.  It will pass, and you will be stronger.  Rather than being afraid, embrace the darkness and allow it to push you.  Don’t try to climb out of discouragement alone.  There are so many resources available and people that want to lift you up.  Reconnect with your purpose, your passions.  Focus on the impact you want to make. 

Not everyone understands mental illness, about how the brain functions, although there is more research being done now than ever before.  It’s the stigma of mental health that’s so disappointing – people judging people and making them feel ashamed.  Ignorance, plain and simple.  Let this moment define you, because it will – in a positive and healthy way that’s difficult to explain and that you could never have imagined.

People who find their way out of deep darkness experience positive outcomes.  Personal growth and enlightenment; greater self-awareness, improved resiliency and deeper, more meaningful relationships.  More adept to handle life’s curve ball the next time it crosses the plate.

I know this, because I’ve been there.  Successful executive, positive influence, married, mom of two boys.  Had it all going for me, or so I thought.  I knew for some time that I was struggling, passively seeking help while spiraling downward.  Afraid.  Ashamed.  This isn’t happening to ME.  I’ve got this.  Then one day, it all became too much to handle and my world came crashing down.  Major depression.  It felt like sinking in quicksand, best I could describe it.   I’m healthy now and found hope again.  I know, first hand, that you can too.

If you’re struggling to this extent, I share this with hope of being a stepping-stone to seek help and treatment.  These times are unprecedented.  Keeping our heads on straight can be much easier said than done.  Know that you’re not alone; there are people who understand, who care greatly about you and are able to help.

There is always light.  There is always hope.  Even in the darkness. 

If you need, I would be honored to lift you up.  Just drop me a line. 

HOPE Now!  HOPE Always!

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